Making it Last – Refurbish the Bird Baffles

Baffles Refurbished

Baffles Refurbished

Many times our outdoor items become weathered, almost tempting one to dispose of the item without a thought.  Over the past few months I have noticed how our copper plated bird baffles were becoming more of an eye-sore than something pretty to view from our windows.  Of course when they were first brought home, they were so pretty and delight to have compliment our bird feeders.

No cash on hand to spend frivolously, yet still wanting to remedy the look of our baffles, we checked what we had on hand for Rust-Oleum spray paint.  We found that we had some from a curtain rod project we had done the year prior for my sewing room. The can was half full, and although we kept it for touch-ups, it was what we had on hand and we both agreed would compliment the outdoor baffles.

So, to make the project a success, my husband took his wire brush and scraped off all the droppings & outdoor residue of pollen, etc.  Once the wire brushing part was completed, the cover was spray painted, one side at a time.  The process to repair only took a total of five minutes to brush and paint.  The part that took the longest was the half hour that each side required to dry.  Then, we proceeded to hang the baffles over the feeders.  What looked rather worn, and unappealing, now presents a more inviting scene while watching the birds enjoy their seed.

The birds might not care, and although I am one who enjoys a more natural look to our outdoor decor, I still like to keep our things looking nice as well as taken care of.

To replace our baffles we would have to pay approximately $25.00 each.  One can of Hammered Rust-Oleum paint would cost approximately $8.00 and would cover both of our baffles.  Hmmm…$50 vs $8.00 and a little TLC.

Tell me, would you consider the little time it took to refurbish two baffles, the cost savings, and new look be worth this frugal approach?


Be frugal, not cheap, refurbish what you already have, keeping it from the landfills.

~ Enjoy ~


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